Working from home

Working From Home (WFH)

Working from home has been possible in various unsatisfactory forms for a very long time. Until COVID-19 reared its ugly head, corporate management had often resisted calls for its widespread use. This was mainly down to a distrust of both technology and the ability of employees to genuinely put in sufficient time in a location where they cannot be monitored and/or supervised. This has, unfortunately, left many organisations in a tricky situation whereby they were completely unprepared for the pandemic and lock-down. Most have dealt with it as best they can, by using a combination of applications, mobile phones and diverts, but this is, at best, a lash-up. The long term has to be considered as we may be forced to operate in this way for some time to come

 At Spink Telecom, we have been advising clients to be ready for any disaster eventuality (including pandemics!) for as long as we have been in business (25+ years). Whether this is about general corporate telephony, specialist contact centre environments, remote access to business systems or any other critical application, we are here to help.

What to Do?

Short term solutions are fine - for the short term. Free or inclusive video enabled applications such as Teams, Zoom, Houseparty etc. are a good way of maintaining contact and do work. However, the corporate telephony platform provides many other services:

  • Reporting, MIS and control
  • Contracted support and SLA
  • User profile based extensions and distribution
  • Basic features like hold, transfer and park
  • Contact Centre - multimedia or omnichannel services and CX

If business is going to continue working in the devolved state that is becoming the 'new normal', a more joined up approach will be needed. You also need to ask, 'what are staff finding the most difficult part about working from home?'. It could be:

  • Complex access to business systems
  • Still have to come into the office unnecessarily to access information or operate a stand alone system
  • Numbers are all over the place
  • No reporting tools for performance analysis
  • Missing the cameraderie of being physically in the office
  • Video calls are not linked to telephony.

There is a wide choice of solutions available and not all will meet the specific requirements of individual businesses. We analyse those requirements and help you to make the right decision by presenting detailed reports and options appraisals, explaining what the differences are. We then help you prepare specifications to ensure that you buy exactly what is needed.

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