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Formed in 1993 Spink Telecom Consultants Ltd have become known throughout the industry as the ‘reliable’ ones when it comes to fair tenders and impartiality. We have advised on the design and implementation of communications systems and networks to a broad spectrum of business organisations, from local government and NHS trusts to solicitors and many other private sector organisations.

The nature of projects carried out so far has led us to take a more holistic approach. If you have had time to study the website, you may have noticed that there is an interaction between the various topics covered. We firmly believe that providing a complete service to our clients is essential so that continuity can be maintained.

Clients can therefore rest with the security of knowing that when they start using Spink Telecom Consultants Ltd, that we are not going to disappear because a project is over – to us it has just begun.


Our mission is to be the first choice for Clients who:

  • are faced with the prospect of having to learn about the voice, data and CRM industries before embarking on the next stage; finding the right product.
  • have some technical, but not market knowledge.
  • do not have the time or manpower to carry out the extensive research necessary for specific projects.


The consultancy also offers an unparalleled service in giving advice to Clients who:

  • need to understand how Unified Communications (UC) and The Cloud can benefit their business
  • have reached a point where they must increase the speed of call handling and data networking or lose business
  • have recognised that CRM, voice, and data solutions should no longer be treated as separate
  • are aware that they must update communications in order to remain competitive
  • may have started the process and have found it to be a minefield of jargon and conflicting opinions.

Our aims are to simplify the technical jargon and explain as clearly as possible the best solution for each individual application, instead of using standards. This not only takes into account internal politics which can have a major impact on final decisions but also the Client's own future plans for expansion, acquisition, re-location etc.

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