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Formed in 1993 Spink Telecom Consultants Ltd have become known throughout the industry as the ‘reliable’ ones when it comes to fair tenders and impartiality. We have advised on the design and implementation of communications systems and networks to a broad spectrum of business organisations, from local government and NHS trusts to law firms and many other private sector organisations (see who we work for).

The wide span of projects undertaken by Spink has led us to take an holistic approach to each, helping clients understand where overlap, parallels and duplicated cost can occur. These include:

  • Unified Communications
  • Omni Channel Contact Centre
  • Cloud Vs On-Premise
  • SIP migration from ISDN
  • LAN & WAN design and optimisation
  • Analysis for Digital Transformation
  • Flexible working preparations
  • VDI analysis
  • User profiling

Clients can therefore rest in the secure knowledge that when they seek assistance from Spink Telecom, our broad pre-project analysis, or ‘discovery’, of the current state will ensure that common pitfalls can be avoided.



Our mission is to be the first choice for Clients who may be:

  • faced with the prospect of having to learn about multiple technology applications before embarking on the next stages: sourcing, buying and installing the right product.
  • technically, but not market aware.
  • Short of time and/or manpower to carry out the extensive research necessary for specific projects.



The consultancy also offers an unparalleled service in giving advice to Clients who:

  • need to understand which, from the wide array of options in communications, can be best deployed to meet their specific requirements
  • need to budget accurately before procurement
  • need to understand internal processes and user requirements
  • need help with procurement processes and specifications
  • need to buy products from trustworthy and vetted sources
  • need to optimise the customer experience (CX) in their contact centre
  • need to optimise the tools available to their own staff, to provide optimised CX
  • may have started the process and have found it to be a minefield of jargon and conflicting opinions.

Our aims are to simplify the technical jargon and explain as clearly as possible the best solution for each individual application, instead of using standards. This not only takes into account internal politics which can have a major impact on final decisions but also the Client's own future plans for expansion, acquisition, re-location etc.

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