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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The advent of very sophisticated smartphones and tablets for personal use with the capability of accessing business applications and files has left IT departments in a quandary as to how they allow these devices securely onto the business network and how they manage them. The insistence that they do usually comes from management to begin with, then filters down the business. There is a strong argument for using personal devices for a number of reasons, not least keeping the workforce happy, but allowing it without planning is a risk that should not be taken.

But of course, there are many considerations when thinking of BYOD:

  • How many devices will your users each connect, maybe at the same time? E.g. iPhone, iPad, etc.
  • Is the WLAN up to the job?
  • Will you allow access to bandwidth hogging applications like streaming or gaming?
  • What about seamless handover between APs - critical for voice applications especially?
  • Is there wide enough AP coverage in the building - has it been tested?
  • Are you using a wireless controller
  • Will you allow a mobile voice client on Smart Phones?
  • Are you planning to have flexible workstations with users bringing in their own laptops?
  • Do you insist on a MDM product to ensure security when staff want to access business applications and files?
  • What MDM application should you use?
Then there are the costs:

  • Will users be expecting the business to re-imburse their non- business tariffs, which are normally a lot more expensive?
  • WIll users be prepared for the tax bill associated with the business covering the cost of their phone bill? - it will never be 100% deductible.
  • How will you manage support? - typically a business contract will have a replacement delivered within 24 hours, whereas a private contract can take weeks for this

The list goes on, as always. It also bridges other areas of IT and corporate policy, as always.
However, there are distinct benefits to the organisation in that the problems and costs associated with mobile fleet management are effectively removed. Is it worth the risk?

Instead of leaving everything to chance or the hackers, call Spink Telecom on (0)1737 242400 or contact us. With clear sighted advice gained from experience, we can help you with both the business and technical strategy for BYOD.

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