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Contact Centres

Make calling your business a pleasure for your customers, not a chore

Building a contact centre can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. Whatever your requirements, you can be sure that, as the likely first point of contact for your organisation, it needs to perform as efficiently as possible. Mostly this will be about a quick, useful and friendly response that does not leave the customer feeling agitated; thinking instead that they would like to deal with you again.

There are different specialist needs for different sized contact centres and technology applications tend to build and be enhanced as they grow. Whether your requirement is sales or customer service orientated, there are a number of points to consider:

5-99 Agents

  • Are you moving from a PBX type hunt group to a full customer service centre?
  • Does call distribution need to be spread between home and office workers?
  • How does this fit with your Unified Communications system (e.g. Microsoft Teams)?
  • Do you know how to go about this and what is needed?
  • Do you know all of your business processes from first contact through to resolution? Are there any gaps?
  • Will you want multi channel access available to your customers? E.g. email, web chat, SMS
  • What reporting facilities do you need?
  • Who will manage the real-time information generated by the systems?
  • Do you need call recording?
  • Do you take payments and are you PCI DSS compliant?
  • Do you want the contact centre to be from the telephony system provider or a separate specialist?
  • Do you need to manage workflow and contact history?
  • Do you need to integrate with existing CRM?
  • Do you need a knowledge management system to improve first time resolution and make staff training easier?
  • Do you know how to design, scope and specify the solution?


100+ Agents

In addition to the above, you may need to consider:
  • Are you considering a full Customer Engagement Platform, with Customer Experience (CX) and the use of AI?
  • How will you manage staff rostering, holidays, sickness cover etc.?
  • How can you measure agent performance?
  • How can you measure supervisor performance?
  • Are you familiar with data analytics applications?
  • Have you taken over another organisation and need to merge two different process and technology systems? Which is best?
  • What back up facilities do you have? Is it simply disaster recovery (DR) or can you perform Business as Usual (BAU) in almost any circumstance?
  • Does the back up include overflow provision?
  • Are you considering moving to a completely outsourced operation?
When we work for you, we go through these questions and many more, to help you design your contact centre for maximum efficiency, reducing pass off to the back office as much as possible, yet optimising the workforce.

Call now on (0)1737 242400 for an initial discussion about your current position and what you would like to achieve.

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