Independent telecom consultancy - Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

With modern communications there is no excuse for not having a back up plan. 

There are many options and possibilities for making sure that you have an alternative strategy if the worst should happen.
The best way to start is with a series of ‘what if?’ questions, for example, what if:

  • The call centre fails 
  • WAN connectivity fails 
  • A key application fails 
  • A server fails 
  • Power fails 
  • The comms room is damaged 
  • The main office building is damaged

Each of these can have a different impact on the running of your business. Let Spink Telecom help you understand the myriad ways of protecting the business through new technology, but most importantly, those that will suit your budget. We can then draw up DR policies and procedures for each possibility, ranging from home working to back up services and off site or inter-site DR locations. 

Should the worst happen, you will need to be prepared! 

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