Independent telecom consultancy - LAN

It is essential that your local network is able to support voice, whether you have 100 workstations or 10,000. 

Failure to carry out simple checks can lead to data performance issues and dropped calls, jitter or poor quality with VoIP.

Can you say with confidence that your LAN is:

  • Fault free
  • Configured for voice and data VLANs
  • Subnetted to minimise load and broadcast storms
  • Able to support enough connections to all desktops, especially if you are using old voice cabling at the moment.
  • Supports the correct PoE Class for your phones

Do you want:

  • A consistent, high quality WLAN?
  • Single switch ports for voice and data?
  • To maximise your existing investment in switch fabric rather than throw it all out and start again as recommended by many?

Our experts can go through existing LAN hardware and configurations to let you know independently what is required for VoIP implementation or to remedy ongoing problems.

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