Independent telecom consultancy - Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone Management

This applies to organisations that have not adopted BYOD but are struggling with the cost and management of a mobile phone fleet.

  • Are mobile bills scattered and hard to administer?
  • Do you have more than one supplier?
  • Do you have a central point of contact for replacement handsets?
  • What happens when equipment fails, or is lost, stolen or broken?
  • Do you have a Service Level Agreement with your supplier?
  • Do you have a billing and asset management system to avoid wasting money?
  • Can you divert/transfer calls to mobile telephones as though they were extensions on your PBX?
  • Have you considered IP telephony over WiFi on your Smartphone to avoid expensive bills?
  • Do you understand the carrier technologies and availability 3G & 4G.
  • Do calls to mobile phones account for more than 30% of your telephone bill?
  • Do you know how to reduce this cost by at least half?

We will help you draw up and implement a Mobile Strategy that will reduce overheads and simplify management

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