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End of ISDN & PSTN
ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network and PSTN is the Public Switched Telephone Network. These are the traditional lines that have been carrying our conversations for the last 20 years (ISDN) and 100+ years (PSTN).

However, the advent of VoIP (Voice over IP) which enables this to happen over Internet connections has left management of the old services expensive in comparison and obsolete in technology terms. Whilst they are reliable, like a pair of old, heavy boots they need to be discarded in favour of something more lightweight and better suited to modern life.

Where does this leave you and your business? The chances are that you have been contacted by numerous companies offering to replace these lines before it is ‘too late’ and suggesting that you should change before the ‘cut off’ date. The fact is, you have 5 years to think about this and we suggest that you give us a call to discuss your options before taking a leap into the unknown. It requires a little preparation for the transition to SIP (the newish protocol), but it may also present an opportunity to think about your telecoms infrastructure in general. For example, if you move everything to the cloud, what connectivity do you need? Who provides the SIP lines and where? How resilient are they? How much do they cost? Etc, Etc.

If you want to review your options and find out what is best for your business, call or contact us to arrange a meeting or have a chat.

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