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MEANWHILE - Some simple advice

Here are some do's and don'ts of telecoms/UC project implementation to whet your appetite!

  1. Don't leave it to the last minute - most businesses need at least 3-6 months planning, depending on size
  2. Don't assume that tech is the answer to all your problems. It has to work with people and processes.
  3. Don't assume that everyone in your organisation will understand the changes
  4. Don't run UC deployment alongside any other major software rollouts. It involves everyone and therefore a lot of resource
  5. Don't assume that the supplier with the biggest marketing budget is the best, or cheapest
  6. Don't forget to check number plans, porting feasibility and timing
  7. Don't assume that cloud solutions are the only option. There is also more than one type of cloud...
  1. Do your homework! End of contract or obsolete systems mean that change is needed, but it is not just a simple swap. It is an opportunity to improve the business.
  2. Do prepare user profiles to make sure people get what they need
  3. Do some business process analysis, especially in a contact centre, to make sure you know where inefficiencies lie.
  4. Do prepare a detailed specification when you know what you need, ensuring all quotes are for the same thing.
  5. Do make sure that quotations allow enough for professional services. Cutting this to reduce costs is a false economy.
  6. Do work out an efficient scoring system for evaluation, which cannot be disputed
  7. Do have a good internal team to manage the project or if this is not possible, seek external help

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Take the pain out of planning and implementing your project

With our help, you will be able to:

  • Avoid hours or even days of research when you have other work to do
  • Avoid lengthy meetings with prolonged lead in
  • Speak to someone who is very familiar with your type of project
  • Find out what works and what does not
  • Learn how to avoid common pitfalls
  • Save time and money straight away

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We have done this many, many times before and can advise on any stage of design, budgeting, procurement and implementation of:

  • Contact centres - omni channel or basic
  • Call Recording and Analytics
  • Telephony and Unified Communications
  • Networks LAN and WAN
  • Agile/remote/flexible working options
  • Staff profiling for accurate design and allocation
  • Plus all the subsets associated with these

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