Independent telecom consultancy - Relocation

Relocation Strategy

Planning and implementing a major relocation or merger can be a logistical nightmare, particularly as every department has a vested interest in a successful conclusion, and will pull you in every direction. Whoever takes on the responsibility has a lot at stake. 

Consider the following points: 

  • What preparation is needed for voice and data infrastructure?
  • Who is to prepare seating plans?
  • Are you changing to flexible working?
  • What changes are to be made to existing directories?
  • Will it be a migration process or big bang?
  • If it is migration, how will you deal with short term communications between locations?
  • Who is carrying out the removals? Are they competent?
  • What is the extent of the removal company’s remit?
  • Will you have to decant staff while refurbishment takes place?
  • If so, have you sufficient infrastructure to support the extra requirements in the temporary offices?
  • Do you have sufficient project management skills and resources in-house to cope?

Spink Telecom can deal with all of these issues and deflect the unexpected turns that always occur during a relocation project. Our professional, experienced project managers will ensure that disruption to normal working life is kept to a minimum.

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