Resource Management

Finding the right people for a short term but highly specialised project can be challenging, especially if timescales are tight.

Spink Telecom has been around for a long time and therefore has access to a deep well of skilled contractors in most ICT fields. Whether it is a highly qualified network engineer, telecoms engineer or a project manager, we will find the right resource for your needs.

This requirement normally appears once a client realises the scope and depth of a project that is crucial to the business and that there is simply not enough time or resource to carry it out themselves.

Consultants can be provided for a few days or periods stretching over months as necessary. The benefits of a contracted specialist are:

  • Highly skilled individuals available to fill a critical resource gap at short notice
  • Avoids lengthy interview process
  • No employment costs (NICs, pension, etc.)
  • No agency fees usually associated with hiring a contractor

Spink Telecom will evaluate the consultant's suitability on your behalf, making sure that they fit in with the team and have the required skills. This is possible because we will only provide these resources to established clients.

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