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If you are about to enter the minefield of buying and installing new voice technology, beware! The pitfalls are many and sometimes lie undiscovered until during, or even after the installation. 

You need to keep a close eye on many things when changing voice systems.The main processes to contemplate are design/budget, procurement, and implementation. 

Please consider the following before you start:

  • Flexible working to reduce desk space or optimise workers time?
  • The ‘cloud’ – what is it and is it relevant?
  • Have you considered a converged voice and data solution, sharing LAN infrastructure to save costs and management time?
  • Do you understand the differences between hosted VoIP and a traditional on-premises solutions? Which is right for you?
  • Headsets or handsets? Or both?
  • Network Services/connectivity – have you ordered months in advance and checked availability?
  • Are SIP trunks for you? What are the benefits?
  • Do you know how many trunks to order or how much bandwidth is needed? Should you consider your WAN links to other offices at the same time?
  • Is the LAN infrastructure VoIP ready? Does it need to be?
  • Have you allowed enough capacity in the specification for future upgrades?
  • Do you need unified messaging, mobile integration, cordless, call management, UPS, operator positions, Call Centre technology, CRM or other data source integration?
  • What services are your users expecting? What are they allowed to have? Have you asked them?
  • When budgeting, did you allow for the above and training?
  • Does your specification include a watertight statement of requirements? Is it open to ambiguous responses?
  • Who will negotiate the contract with the chosen supplier, so that areas of responsibility are crystal clear in the event of a mishap and for future SLA reference?
  • Who will project manage the installation and coordinate the suppliers,so that on the predetermined date for cut over, it does actually happen instead of leaving you high and dry?

This particular list could go on indefinitely. If you have got even half way through and decided that this is not for you, call us on (0)1737 242400  or contact us and we will guide you through the entire process, from an initial solutions and budgetary report through to implementation management.

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