Independent telecom consultancy - The Cloud

Cloud operations are now mainstream technology, with (X)aaS and hosted applications dominating the office tech market. But how will it suit your business?

The truth is that it covers a number of technologies, with the one common factor that servers are not located on your premises, but in (a) data centre(s) somewhere. However, different applications may be hosted in different data centres and this is where it can get complicated; voice may in one place, while O365 may be in another and your other business applications may be in yet another. So why is this a good thing? What about security?

Spink Telecom will help you to decide whether the Cloud is right for your business, or even a hybrid option with some on-premise systems. There is no doubt that there are advantages; security, resilience and cash flow management play a large part, but these can be off-set by long term cost and dependency on external WAN connectivity so which wins?

By analysing your requirements and user needs, we will point you in the right direction and help you source products that are both suitable and the right price.

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