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Unified Communications

Are you planning to change the way your business operates?

What exactly does UC cover?

In a nutshell, it is the ability to merge various communications channels under one softphone or UC Client application on your computer or smartphone. This includes:

  • Voice & click to call - try it here on your mobile or softphone: (0)1737 242400
  • Voice messaging – to e-mail and phones
  • Instant Messaging
  • Availability (also called ‘Presence’), visible to all associates
  • File sharing
  • Softphones (smartphone and desktop)
  • Video calling
  • Directory integration

This is invaluable when changing business practices to flexible working as a user can operate from anywhere using the same business tools as though they were in the office.

However . . . the applications cost money and a key part of minimising this is knowing the profiles of each user. Analysis of who needs what will play a major part in budgeting for UC. Consider the following profiles:

i) Homeworker
ii) Mobile Worker
iii) Flexible Worker
iv) Fixed Desk Worker

Have you thought about the tools that each of these might need? Applying a 'one size fits all' to the whole organisation could prove very expensive, or inadequate depending on available budget.

There is a knock on effect here, because this suddenly affects the whole business roadmap. Where are you taking it and how much desk space can be saved by using UC? Is it appropriate and will staff cope with additional 'self management' responsibility?

Spink Telecom will guide you through this nightmare as well as helping with the whole design and procurement process - the net result can be massive cost savings, but care is needed. Choosing the right supplier and route to market is not straight forward and our assistance will prove invaluable.

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