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Unified Workspace/VDI

  • Are you working on a business transformation project?
  • Property rationalisation based on a reduced desk count?
  • Flexible working?
  • Are IT and communications causing headaches when you think about them?

As we all know, technology is an enabler – making our work easier, more efficient, flexible and less time consuming. For some time, telecoms has been bringing together the various aspects of communications: voice, voicemail, video, text messaging, web chat, collaboration, conferencing, etc. Effectively, telecoms is now an application. One of a vast array of apps that we have at our fingertips through any device, whether mobile or static.

Or have we?

Unified Communications (UC) has brought together the different elements for direct communication, but integrating that with back office applications is often an issue. Outside the Microsoft portfolio, those back-office apps often work independently from each other, mainly because they are directed at specialist workstreams. Quite often there are legacy/bespoke apps that were created for a specific purpose using old scripting and designs. There may be hundreds of them across an organisation and for management to know or understand who is using what and why will present a challenge. Is it even possible to put them into an integrated cloud solution?

In addition to this, UC does not always work well in a thin client environment as these devices are not designed to carry media, so a ‘workaround’ has to be created – rarely to a satisfactory level.

If management wish to create a truly flexible working environment or ‘Unified Workspace’, then these challenges will have to be met.

Spink Telecom has created a system whereby this can be achieved, using a tried and tested methodology:

  • User profiling
  • Application analysis
  • Hardware analysis
  • Vendor analysis

This may be followed by procurement and implementation consultation, to ensure that the solution is deployed correctly, on time and on budget.

If you are considering a flexible working/business transformation project – STOP NOW! Call us first on 01737 242400 for some solid, strategic advice.

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